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Winner In You

  • Motivation to Multiply Performance and Results
  • Small Actions that Help Achieving Big Goals
  • How to Manage Your Time effectively
  • Overcoming Fears and Building Unstoppable Confidence
  • Growing Positive and Passionate Thinking in Life
  • Managing Emotions like Anger, Stress, and Worries

Benefits of Him eesh’s Sessions :

Increases Your Will

Increases Your Will to DO, to GROW, and to PROGRESS

Small Actions

Small actions boost the Personal and Professional life of an individual to HIT BIG GOALS

Learn to Understand

Learn to Understand your PRIORITIES, Obligations, and Schedule

Able to Take Actions

Able to Take Actions to Transform your BODY, RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESS

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About Me

Hi, I am Himeesh Madaan

I am a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, performance coach, and writer. I am on a mission to help people unleash their true potential.

I founded Seekhega India in 2019, intending to empower people with skills that the world requires, values, and returns handsomely and build their dream life.

I have been rewarded with Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award 2021 and Honorary Doctorate Degree.

I take pride in saying that more than 100 million people have been able to improve their lives through my videos, training programs, and books.

There are 6 million people who found my videos either valuable or entertaining. I hope you are one of them. My YouTube channel hits 15 million monthly views and getting watched in more than 165+ countries.

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